❤  The Best Couples KISS Of Musically - Compilation 2016

❤ The Best Couples KISS Of Musically - Compilation 2016

1,279,241 views 13309 938

❤ The Best Couples KISS Of Musically - Compilation 2016

5:30 | 1,279,241 views 13309 938
Top Couple KISS Of Musical.ly Compilation 2016 - Best Musical.ly Relationship

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rating: 7 / 10 | votes: 10
i'm single as hell and its 1 am... fml :/
what the hell stevie austen
Rukhsar Khalid
Stevie Austen you look 10 so
Molly Kirkup
Why am I looking at this 😂😂
Kitty Sprinkles
Rukhsar Khalid same
Selam Moges
Why do the Girl in the curly hair and the boy with the yellowish blonde kiss so much!?!?
Demae Nathan
Kitty Sprinkles IKR like to much
Angles shotguns
Kitty Sprinkles ikr
Jaylynn Solivan
this really makes me realize I'm single as fuck
TheSharmShow 101
Angles shotguns I'm single as shit crap 💩 fucking saf
rainbow wolfgirl49
Angles shotguns so true
Demae Nathan
#ForeverAlone anyone else??
Maria Nowa Dijk
TheSharmShow 101 with you #ForeverAlone
zanye Alexander
TheSharmShow 101 yup pretty much
Basically a Queen
who feels very lonely after watching this
Jellyfish Jelly
Maria Nowa Dijk same
Tas Miah!
2:47 she looks 16 he looks 10
rainbow wolfgirl49
Basically a Queen true
Shamin Cardozo same love supernatural
Lilly Myers
2:35 his eyes are black wtf
TrueProGamer ya it's not fully black
Zinedine Helsens
lmao they're contacts
Xx_redmoony_xX 123
3:18 work out couple ♥♥♥
Analiz kyfcguj.
Abena Oppong
Analiz I know. So cute. I hope me and my bf do dat when we older. I can picture it. =3
Abena Oppong
you know little children are on this app. Like tf
Genuine Man
rainbow wolfgirl49
kylie lemus
my favorite part was 5:30
Leticia Ribeiro
Genuine Man lol
Bryannah Schotborg
Lol dying
Lala Flours
4:11 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜
Leticia Ribeiro e
Xx_redmoony_xX 123
1 minute in and im already depressed about my love life
K-NCS clips
Life isent always about love.😌
kitty lover 2018
Lala Flours lol.
Matthew Gaming
The cutest couple were the blonde boy and the girl with curly hair😍💋
uchiha itachi HAH A
Angie Jeneen
I bet you 98% of girls are watching this
Fernandez Kids
On 1:32 the kid looked like Justin Berber like if you agree
Xx_redmoony_xX 123
This channel needs to put the people's usernames and songs so people don't have to keep going through comments to find something
Mallorie Farrow
The work out couple 3:18 won! and the dancing couple
Amellia Mott
On 0:37 that guy is smoking
Saga Lindberg
Fernandez Kids I didn't see nuding. XD
Myrthjuhhh Bubble
Is that a girl and a boy or a girl and a girl kissing at 2:34
Amanda Chartrand
Lol now I realize how lonely I am😭😂
cute Pèch
2:33 The boys eyes
Cookie Creator
Saga Lindberg Hott
cristiana Minnie
Cute❤But some are cringy😆
Shayne Hueschen
i'm fucking lonely 💔💔💔🔫🔫🔫
Vanessa Camafreita
I hate being single
Donata Trowsse
so cute omg 😍
Gracie Vlogs And Plays
Puppy lover 18
Zuzie miernik
this is so cute and I like a boy but he says he likes someone else
swag 1star
Donata Trowsse This happened to me I liked a boy called LEIGHTON and he had a gf called ALICE she was the most popular girl in the whole school and on Friday everyone kept telling me he like me maybe it will happen to you too??
Abril Lopez
2:48 the couple was so cringe
Natalie Frederiksen
I don't get how people put this stuff on YouTube ... like plz go song somewhere else
Ali Ismail
beckbrogames beckbrogames
Michelle - Laura
That girl looks so annoying at 0:52
1:37 what are they musical.llys?
holly may
The same couple kept showing so much
Loren M.
Wie heißen die zwei also der blonde und die mit denn locken auf musical.ly
emilie rose
Will ich auch wissen
katri. lps. 122 l
At 1:36 it looks like Maddy b kissing one of the hashtag sisters lol. And merry Christmas
Zoe Martin
that is so not matty b
3:17 cute😍